X-Ray service


The Chemistry Department's X-ray service facility is equipped with three state of the art single crystal X-ray diffractometers and one powder X-ray diffractometer, offering a wide range of single crystal X-ray facilities.

Single crystal data collections can be undertaken over a wide range of temperatures, with data collection being possible from room temperature to 30K. Data collection times can be as fast as 1 hour.

The facility offers a complete service for the structure solution, refinement, analysis, and graphical output for small molecules.

For a more detailed description select this link.

Prices for this service are available on application from Dr. Craig Robertson, contact details are given below.

Contact information

For further information regarding sample requirements, please contact

Dr. Craig C. Robertson
Department of Chemistry
The University of Sheffield
Dainton Building
Brook Hill
Sheffield S3 7HF
Tel 0114 222 9373
email craig.robertson@sheffield.uk

Fax 0114 222 9346

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