Sample packaging

Samples should not be sent through the post - they should be securely packaged and sent by courier. If there are any particular hazards associated with the sample this should be noted on the service form. Ideally a MSDS form should be supplied with new types of compound. Customers have a duty of care to analytical service personnel and it is important that as much safety information as possible is supplied and that the service forms are filled in correctly.

Please provide the hazard classification, indicating particularly health risks, stating any specific handling or disposal procedures for the materials sent for analysis. Please make sure that tops are screwed on securely, preferably taped up and that sample tubes are correctly labeled.

Note: To ensure sample will be run as quickly as possible, please ensure that the service form is correctly filled in including ALL relevant information, particularly if the structure is confidential. Normally we do not return the samples unless requested to do so.

Version 20110609.1