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The department has five Bruker NMR spectrometers and extensive off-line NMR data processing facilities. It is possible to observe 1H and most NMR active isotopes in the periodic table and to perform a wide variety of 1D and 2D experiments. The spectrometers have variable temperature capabilities of ca. ± 100 °C. For a more detailed description select this link.

Prices for this service are available on application from Dr Sandra van Meurs, contact details are given below.

Sample quantities

Sample quantity depends upon the nucleus and experiment required:

  • 1H and 19F typically between 10 to 20 mgs.
  • 13C roughly in the region of 5 mgs per carbon atom.
  • 31P typically between 30 to 50 mgs.

These figures are only "ball-park" figures and it depends on molecular weight, symmetry, sample availability and solubility.


Hard copies of the spectra are usually sent first class however if required spectra can be faxed. In addition spectra can also be sent electronically by e.mail - to use this service you will usually require the permission of networking personnel on site. With this facility spectra are zipped up using WIN-Zip and the data e.mailed to the user as an attachment. To use this method the user must have both Win-Zip and the ADC NMR Viewer installed on their PC - we can supply the ADC NMR Viewer software on CD.

Contact information

Dr Sandra van Meurs
Department of Chemistry
The University of Sheffield
Dainton Building
Sheffield S3 7HF
Tel 0114 222 9312
email s.vanmeurs@sheffield.ac.uk

dept. email chem-nmr@sheffield.ac.uk

Fax 0114 222 9346

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