Glass blowing service


The University of Sheffield Glass Workshop can provide a wide range of scientific glassware in both borosilicate and Quartz glass. Glassware can be made to individual requirements; customers can also visit the workshop for consultation on glassware design and materials.

Examples of popular glassware produced in the workshop are:

  • Manifolds
    • High Vacuum
    • Nitrogen
    • Double manifolds
  • Still heads
  • Bubblers & Traps
    • Oil bubblers, anti suck back bubblers
    • High vacuum traps, rotary evaporator traps

Standard glassware can also be customised as required and repairs can be made to broken glassware where practical.

Prices for this service are available on application from Daniel Jackson, contact details are given below.

Contact information

Daniel Jackson
Department of Chemistry
The University of Sheffield
Dainton Building
Brook Hill
Sheffield S3 7HF
Tel 0114 222 9377

Fax 0114 222 9346

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