Sample confidentiality


Department of Chemistry personnel are very experienced in dealing with samples of a confidential nature. Confidentiality can either be on an informal “best practice” basis or a more formal basis using a legally binding agreement. Which ever method is used, confidentiality is ensured.

Whilst confidentiality is important, it is equally important that the sample analysis is carried out to the highest standard. To achieve this end it is vital that department of Chemistry personnel are aware of the type of structure being analyzed and the sort of results expected. For confidential samples, please contact the relevant service personnel.

Chromatography, Miscellaneous or Spectroscopic services
Rob Hanson Tel 0114 222 9508/9 email
Inductively Coupled Mass Spectrometry
Neil Bramall Tel 0114 222 3616 email
Mass spectrometry service
Simon Thorpe Tel 0114 222 9481 email
Microanalytical service
Stephen Atkin Tel 0114 222 9494 email
NMR service
Dr. Jianfeng (Peter) Zhu Tel 0114 222 9312 email
X-Ray service
Dr. Craig C. Robertson
Tel 0114 222 9373 email
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