Miscellaneous details

General Introduction

These miscellaneous services are sited in laboratories C43 and B42H:

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)

The instrument is a Perkin-Elmer Pyris 1 DSC with a possible temperature range of -150 to 700ºC. Hyper-DSC with heating rates of up to 350ºC/min is also possible. Anything from 1 to 20mg’s of sample will be required depending on the type of analysis.

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Differential scanning calorimeter


The department has two Parr Series 4000 autoclaves. A minimum volume of approximately 40mL is needed to achieve effective stirring from the paddle stirrers, with the maximum volume being 1200mL. Routine gases are nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon monoxide although other gases are possible, up to a maximum pressure of 150bar. Temperatures can be as high as 300ºC.

A relevant COSHH form is needed for this service.

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The instrumentation is an Optical Activity AA-10 polarimeter with dual wavelength capability of 589.44nm (Sodium Yellow) and 546.23nm (Mercury Green). Typically, a minimum of 20mg of sample will be required.

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